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Name:SKZ-10000A Ceramics brick crack modulus measure instrument
Des:SKZ-10000A Ceramics brick crack modulus measure instrument The machines use hydraulic or pneumatic systems, even included. Meet GB/T3810.4-2006, ceramic tiles-fracture module and damage intensity measurement, but also widely used underground, tiles, construction sanitary ware, electrical porcelain, and daily ceramics, fire-proof material, and other products fracture module and damage intensity measurement. Replacement of fixtures could also be used for performance measurement parameters resistance broken.
Name:SQ005 Thermal shock resistance meter
Des:The machines meet GB/T3810.9-2006, applied to the measurement of ceramic tiles resist heat Zhen.
Name:Bibulous rate tester
Des:The machines meet GB/T3810.3-2006, using vacuum France to daily ceramics, sanitary ceramics construction, electricity porcelain, the fire-proof material water absorption, apparent porosity, apparent relative density measurements.
Name:WM Unglaze wear-resisting instrument
Des:The machines meet GB/T3810.6-2006, applies to non-glazed pottery tiles, mosaics, and other products wear-resistance testing.
Name:LM Ceramic glaze face bear grind measure instrument
Des:The machines meet GB/T3810.7-2006, applied to the measurement of glazed ceramic tiles wear-resistance.
Name:ceramic tile linear heat expansion meter
Des:Hot expand coefficient measure instrument (high-temperature horizontal expansion device)
Name:KGZ-1CSmart glossiness measure instrument
Des:The instrument applicable to ceramics, stones, paint, paper, plastics, metal etc. graphic luster degrees for testing to meet GB/T3891-92 construction materials pertaining to the luster mirror for measurement methods.
Name:Density measure instrument(needle in-degree instrument)
Des:PM Density measure instrument(needle in-degree instrument) The main instruments for measuring body shape tight-density ceramic adobe performance.
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